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Learn About Seahorses Here!

Who are we?
We are a 501(C)3 Non Profit Organization to promote the safe keeping of seahorses and to build a well supported club of seahorse owners and those who just love seahorses!

What’s going on here?
Us here at the Conservancy have a small breeding operation of these happy little soldiers. We eventually want to create and restore the seagrass habitat that the seahorses and other marine life require for survival. We believe that the more people that see seahorses in public aquariums, homes, and even online, they will become more aware of their habitat and understand the objectives we are trying to strive for to help these beauties come to life! We are hoping to greater the population for these seahorses by rebuilding and protecting there habitat.

Goals? You ask…

Firstly, We are aspiring to teach beginning seahorse owners in the proper process toward raising and/or breeding seahorses from either infant or adult age.
Secondly, Educate others the differences in impact of breeding seahorses in comparison to just collecting seahorses by taking them from their natural habitat.
Thirdly, Try promoting the awareness of local underwater habitats.
Lastly, Help restoring local habitats and reintroducing seahorses to those habitats, though when necessary, to Eastern U.S. coastal waters.

What, other than Seahorses, are you doing?
Well, besides breeding, we try to make entertaining educational videos on our channel, support active discussion boards, and our other social media pages. On our off time, we like to organize teams to plant seagrass in our local waterways, later in time, locations will expand.

Are we selling seahorses?
YES! For more information scroll to the bottom of the page.

For more information on purchasing seahorse use the contact information below… We also provide ongoing technical support to our customers and club members. Our happy little seahorses can be found in public aquariums in the Roanoke, Va area.

Please contact us with any purchasing questions, comments, or concerns – don’t be shy, we love to talk about seahorses!

Founder : Walt Haas
Email : [email protected]
Location : Nokesville, VA


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