About Us

tank roomHere’s an overview of our entire operation. It has taken years of hard work, but we’re pretty happy with how we’ve progressed. There’s lots more to come!

“Everyone raises seahorses on a glass bottom tank with some plastic because it’s more efficient,” said Conservancy director Walt Haas. “But I never heard of anyone breeding them in tanks with river rock bottoms and seaweed.”

He takes this approach for 2 main reasons.
“First of all, it makes me happy – I think of them as my children,” he said.
“Secondly, it’s completely natural for them; it’s the way they want to live. They act in a very natural way. They’re moving from one piece of rock and seaweed to the next, hunting. I stock my tanks with sand-based anthropods for them to stalk and kill.”
Seahorses are classified as ambush predators.
The Seahorse Conservancy raises 300 to 325 seahorses per year (150 twice a year). It takes 6 months for seahorse babies to grow to maturity.

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